20 Okt 2010

The Rainbow and The Promise (Envy)

I understand your feelings 
Not as beautiful as you feel 
Not as soft as you Think 
This story is not easy

I do not want to know 
I do not want to stop 
I do not want you to know 
I do not want you to go

You probably know I have both 
You probably know it would hurt taste 
You may understand the current whereabouts 
Between me and him

This story is difficult and not easy 
But ..

Why are you still lived here? 
Whether waiting for me? 
Was looking forward to uncertainty? 
This will only make you hurt, Lovely 
Not the slightest thought about hurting you  
Not a speck of anything I want to stain your heart 
So bitter this story  
Will end up sweet, beautiful?

Rain clouds in the sky began to reveal its form 
Is this your grief? 
Is that as bad as I make you shed tears? 
And heaven wept 
However, why is there sun? 
Maybe, do not want you to continue to cry 
Want to see you again cheerful 
Because after this there will be a beautiful rainbow

Yes, although this story is not easy 
Over the rainbow was there 
Over the rainbow that accompany 
I will always keep this story 
But that does not mean as soon as it is to your taste 
Instead, is in fact not like that 
Think it will continue to exist like the sun 
And as beautiful as a rainbow, just for you

Once again, This story is difficult and not easy

Thank you for giving me such a beautiful RaiNbow

# From a space that is not insulated, I write all this

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